DanceLessonsUSA's mission is to provide Swing, Country,

Ballroom,  Latin,
 and Wedding dance lessons and services
that will enhance your "quality of life."

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DancinUSA Dallas, Plano, Allen, McKinney, Frisco Texas DANCE LESSONS: Swing, C & W, Ballroom, Latin
WELCOME to the  DancinUSA Website!

If you've reached this website from a "search" engine click here:   to view complete and updated information.  Improve your PHYSICAL and MENTAL health while having a lot of fun.  Learn to DANCE!  Dance Lessons and Dancing are a great way to impress and share good "times with the people you care about.

Just in case some of you "guys" haven't figured this out yet, most women love to dance.
 TEXAS: DanceLessonsUSA

Lessons are offered at the Plano, Carrollton, Richardson, Dallas, Allen and other Texas, USA locations.  55 / 70 / or 85 minute Private lessons are offered Mondays thru Sundays!
To get a price quote for Private dance lessons, send an email to:  info@

DanceLessonsUSA offers Swing, Country, Latin, Ballroom, Social, Couples and Wedding dance lessons.  Private, Private Group and Group dance lessons are available
Mondays thru Sundays.  Private dance lessons offered in Texas include: 
Dallas, Plano, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, Carrollton, Richardson 
and DFW. 

For a Lessons information Flyer about DanceLessonsUSA lessons in Texas, click here: 

For more info about Private Dance Lessons click here:  Private Dance Lessons


Payment methods include:  Cash or Check (preferred), PayPal and most major credit and debit cards.  DanceLessonsUSA offers the payment options above to enable student to learn to dance. 

Plato ( "The Laws") stated "a good education is knowing how to dance well."

is good for the soulIt energizes you and creates self-esteem
I recommend it to all my friends." - Arthur Murray

"If he can't dance, he doesn't have a chance." - Anonymous

"I will learn to Dance if it takes me night and day" - Chuck Berry

"To get to know your partner better, learn to dance together" - LP

"Let there be

Do you want to be healthy
, happier, lose weight, reduce stress, enhance your

libido, social life, live longer (really) and have fun at the same time?  Then:


  Learn to Dance NOW with DanceLessonsUSA!


For details and future Dance Lessons by location or month click on buttons to the LEFT

of this page or click the "Contact US" page. 


Private, wedding and Group Dance Lessons in Dallas, Plano, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, Richardson and Carrollton Texas.

For details click here:  Private Dance Lessons

Private DANCE LESSONS:  Swing, Country, Ballroom,  Latin, Social, and wedding dance lessons.  Available by appointment.  Flexible days (Monday thru Sunday) and times.  No contract required Swing dances, C & W dances, Ballroom, Latin, Social and Wedding dances taughtYou and your partner will be the only ones in the room doing a private dance lesson.   Respond by EMAIL to enroll in private dance lessons.   For private lessons send email to: .


For Gift Certificate details click here:  
Gift Certificates 


"Urgent" Dance
Lessons (UDL)

Need a few dance lessons
NOW at your convenience noon
to midnight  (12/7 more or less) to impress that special person or for that special event.  Ask about the "Urgent" Dance Lessons programHow about a dance lesson just before a dancing date, wedding or a cruise?  She / he will be impressed!  Urgent Dance Lesson dates and times are subject to the availability of an instructor and studio. 

Before Dance Lesson

 Fifty five (55) / 70 / 85 minute or longer Private lessons available. 
Learning to dance is enhanced by immediate practice.  DanceLessonsUSA will offer private dance lessons in Plano,
Allen, Richardson etc., Texas for you before your dance event. 
Learn a new dance or review what you already know just before the dance.  For info on places to dance click Places to Dance .  
For Private lessons info, send email to:

Private Group Lessons (PG

PGLs are the most cost effective ways to learn to dance with your friends!  Minimum 3  students
If you want to have personalized lessons and save $$$ the PGL is for you. 
Just get at least 3 people to enroll and learn to dance NOWYou select the dance type, day and time of the dance lessons.  Send email to:  for details. Flexible days and times.

Summary of Group Dance Lessons

Group Romantic dance lessons begin TBD.
Group or Private Romantic Dance Lessons make an ideal Gift Certificate!

Most Group lessons  are held in Plano, Carrollton and Richardson, Texas.  Group lessons are 50
minutes in length. The cost per person/dance type is only:  $39 / 3 weeks and $ 49 / 4 week session.   The cost per person/dance type is only:  $59 / 5 weeks and $ 69 / 6 week session
All Group Lessons meet once per week.  Cost is per person / dance type for the entire session.  Unless otherwise indicated, group dance lessons are for beginners with no dance experience.  Private Dance Lessons are available Mondays thru Sundays for basic,  intermediate, and advanced students. 

We do not teach "multiple" dance types during the same lesson.  We focus on ONE dance type during each lesson.  This approach enhances learning.   We do not do "bull pen" group lessons.  Only one dance type is taught in each room at one time.  Music provided during the lesson is matched to the dance being taught.  You and your partner will be the only dance students in the room during your private dance lessons (this is very important!).  This approach allows the students to be more focused with less distractions and will learn to dance sooner.

Couples or singles may enroll.  A
partner is not required.  We "rotate" students without partners. 
Join a Group Dance Lesson today and make some new friends.  Group dance lesson schedules are SUBJECT  TO CHANGE.  Pre-enrolment is required for Group Lessons.  Check website for updated group course info.



To enroll in Dallas, Plano Allen or Richardson group lessons :

  1.  ENROLLMENT EMAIL:  Send Email to identifying 
      the number  of students  and the  Lessons day and time.  Include lesson code. 

 2.  After confirmation of your enrollment email, mail payment to DanceLessonsUSA
       Include lesson code on your check.  Payment address will be specified in your lessons  
       confirmation email.

  3.  Send an email to and specify date payment was mailed.

  4.   Or pay with PayPal.  You will receive payment instructions via email.

.  When payment is received you will receive a confirming email / receipt.

6.  Bring a printed copy of the confirming email to the first lesson and give copy to Instructor.   

Group DANCE LESSONSSchedule Summary


Group lessons usually begin Saturday afternoons.
  Dances include:   Swing, Country, Ballroom, Latin and Social dances.  For dance lesson details, registration info, and future Dance Lessons, click hereDance Lessons Allen


Group lessons usually begin Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
  Dances include:  Swing, Country, Ballroom, Latin and Social dances.  For dance lesson details, registration info and future Dance Lessons, click here:  Dance Lessons Plano


 PROGRESSIVE Double Two Step Dance Lessons
If you dance in the Dallas area, the PROGRESSIVE ( double two step ) dance is a must!  Progressive is a very popular CW dance in the Dallas area!  Learn PROGRESSIVE  NOW!  This is the best
C & W dance for "muscle tone"
and increased endorphins.  If you visit Dallas, consider taking a couple of  PRIVATE  PROGRESSIVE
dance lessons and take this wonderful dance "home"! 

Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced private PROGRESSIVE dance lessons are available. 
Progressive ( double 2 Step ) is "hot, hot, hot"!  Basic to advanced Private Progressive dance lessons available in
Plano, Dallas, Allen, Carrollton, McKinney, Frisco, and Richardson, Texas.


To enroll in any of the Dallas, Plano, Allen, McKinney, Frisco or Richardson Group Dance lessons  send enrollment email to  . 

For private dance lessons in Plano, Dallas, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, Carrollton or Richardson special dates to meet your needs can be arranged.  For private dance lessons email: 

                          or call 972-312-9600

All group dance courses require prior registration and payment.  Private and wedding dance lessons are available at various Mondays thru Sundays by appointment. 

Wedding Dance Lessons ( select page from Left Side menu )  

For wedding dance lessons send email to:


For Social Dance Parties in DFW and Plano, Texas areas click "Places to Dance" on the LEFT side menu.  For Friday Dance Parties, visit:  

Ballroom Dance Party Friday, Date TBD8:00 PM in Plano, Texas
For details about the Dance Parties above click:   "Places to Dance" on the LEFT side menu.


If you sponsor social dances in the USA and would like to be listed in the DancinUSA  (no "g") or DancingUSA website, contact:   
For Country Dances, (no "g" in Dancin)

For Ballroom, Swing, Latin and other Social Dances,


DJ SERVICES - DJ services for parties and weddings are also available.  DJ services specializing in C&W, 1950/60/70 R & R (Oldies),  Latin, Swing  and Ballroom dancing  music are available.
Contact: .


We can provide the facility, dance lesson, DJ or live band for your special Dance Event.
You can select ALL or only specific services for your Dancing Event.


Audio Equipment Rental and Consultation.  Audio/Video format conversion services are available 
For additional information about these and other services email: .

MC / Master of Ceremonies - For Corporate and private events.  For info, email:

Country Dance Parties - Dance to Classic Country music in Plano and Carrollton, TX.
For info send email to with "CW Dances" in subject line.  Dances are held in Collin County, Texas area.

Classic Rock 'n' Roll Dance Parties - Dance to Classic Rock 'n' Roll  music from
the 50's and 60's.  Dances in Plano and Carrollton, TX.  For info send email to: with "Classic Rock Dances" in subject line. 
Dances in Collin County, Texas area.

Singles Dance Parties - For singles (21 and over) or "single couples."  BYOB dance party with great "dancing music."  For info send email to
with "Singles Dances" in subject line.  Dances in Collin County, Texas area.

BALLROOM and COUNTRY Band Bookings - We will "book" a great band for your Corporate or private event.  For info, email:  .

Thank you for visiting DancinUSA.


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